Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Obama and his policies..

Well friends. This is the first post for this blog... And people might say why we have chosen him... Let’s go back to the history; Mr. Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and is the first African American President in the history of the United States. This gentleman has taken very good decisions lately and has been up to the expectations of the people till now. We must appreciate that he has a vision of making earth green and has actually a goal to cut the green house gas emissions by 80%, a committee has already been set up in this regard which will spend $50bn dollars on this project. I know some might think that why do we need such huge investment in this economic downturn in this unimportant sector, when people are being laid off, companies are going bankrupt. But it does make sense to invest in the future as the electricity bills will by cut by a huge amount and not only this, it will also generate more jobs in the economy, as more R&D labs will be created. Coming over to the recent announcement made by meeting one of his major election promises, that those companies who outsource their work to other locations like Bangalore will no more be given tax incentives, but companies which will create jobs right here in U.S. will get. Some of us will view this as a very drastic step taken by the govt. and very backward approach. It’s like first you give a candy to a kid and then take it back without it being eaten. Firstly, those companies which have actually outsourced their work have become very competitive and are saving huge amount of money, this really does make a business sense. Also not long ago US govt. has also proposed H1B visa legislation to curb US companies to issue them which companies issue to the person of foreign location to come and give their expertise on some particular work. So lot of efforts has been made by the U.S. govt. to save jobs in America. But, think if each country start controlling the business of their territory does we really support globalization then? Imagine if Microsoft announces that we are going to withdraw all the windows operating system from the rest of the world, because by using American technologies Asian economies have overtaken us and they are now started to dominate the world. This is not the solution of the problem. We have to think of alternative ways to create opportunities. I would like to quote motto of Sherwood school “let each one merit his own prize”.

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