Monday, May 4, 2009

now access views on travelling, music, sports at the same place..

Hi all.. its been a great journey till now.. we have completed around two months and the response has been overwhelming. I must thank all of you for your feedback, views that i have been receiving in my mail box. Now, we have decided as per the feedback to write about different broad categories to start with; but not limited to. i want to notify to all my friends over here and everywhere that i have just resigned from the job, yeah it was a bit emotional decision. The place where i spent around one year, where i made lot of friends, learnt lot of new things, we together as a team partied and worked even harder.. but yes life seems to be moving to a secong stage now where there gonna be more challenges, new things will be up for learn as i have decided to pursue MBA from IBS Bombay.. So i assume will get more time to write and will help me to interact with more people with different backgrounds.

Best Regards,
live life as if it is a never ending journey.


Nikki said...


Where are you applying for MBA?

Atul said...

I have some offers, I willgo with IBS Bombay.. are you on the same lines?