Monday, May 11, 2009

WTA and its policies

It was a shock to get to know about the new tour injuries policies being formed by the WTA( Women's Tennis Association), which states that the players would be fined for pulling out of the tournament even if the players are injured. Serena has also made a similar comment against this policy when the American 10- times grand slams champion and No 2 Serena was forced to play against Klara Zakopalova of the Czech republic in the first round of Sony Ericsson open the last week and lost the match even when she had not completely recovered from the injury.

We understand that WTA has brought in this policy in view of some understanding that this will maximize the participation of players even in the not so popular championships. But when the problem is serious similar as above how can we expect a player to play, it can lead to fatal injuries. Instead they should operate a common physical check up programme at the international level to ensure fair practice, which will serve their purpose without causing any difficulty to the player’s community.

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