Monday, June 29, 2009

Friends and the pain...

Life is a journey which we most of us have to cross all alone. This seems true in every phase of our life that we go through. This is that hard truth which is very difficult to digest. Answer this, who would like to be separated from their loved ones? well I think no one, this thought crossed my mind very recently when some of my college friends decided to move out of MBA programme in the middle of it from IBS Mumbai, whatever may have been the reason for them, but one thing is for sure that I have lost the opportunity of spending two full years with them, may be a little longer with some of them; to get to know about each other and our different cultures; When we have just started to understand one another. Yes, now we all might have been thinking that why do we have to make friends when we all have to set apart one day or the other? Just go a little backwards in to our school days. The time you have spent together with your friends, then after finishing the eventful journey at school. Some of us choose different streams. Some decides to shift to big cities, foreign Universities etc. then by the time you finish your graduation, some lucky one’s will land up with a good job with some reputed company and some cracks the competitive exams and are all ready for their Post graduation. Then again that feeling of loneliness at that new place for some of us arises; like standing in the middle of road when it’s raining and no one to hold umbrella for you, and then after some time we all start our life again from ground zero. But, my friends I feel that this is how we are meant to live our lives and we can’t change it. We just have to adapt to our surrounding and be open for new thoughts.
“Because, the day spent can never be brought back;
But the moments will always be remembered.”
Live life to its fullest.

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