Sunday, August 2, 2009

What if Indian Rail gets privatized!!

I just wonder some time, what happens if Indian government privatized Indian Rail. Below are few thoughts:

Rajdhani train will face stiff competition from Ambani Comm. Dhani, Birla Dhani, and Mittal Steel Super Fast etc. and Passengers will be lured by some of these kinds of offers:

Travel from Bombay to Delhi via Lucknow and watch Mayawati statues. (Paolitical touch.. A new market strategy altogether)

Free tickets for first 10 customers, going to Pakistan and you could also get the chance to watch Sri Lanka V/S Pakistan Cricket Match played in Lahore (This will fall under the category of Promotional activities)

Travelers coming to Bombay from Northern India will be provided with Z plus security when they disembark in station to their end destination. Security can be extended on a case to case basis to prevent them to become victim of any riots spread by Anti-North Indian elements which are in existence from quiet a long time. (This will fall under the category of Value Added Services)

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