Friday, February 12, 2010

Stop Human Trafficking, Act now

Human Trafficking has become the 2nd biggest industry after drug smuggling and as per UNICEF estimates the number of children trafficked annually is around 1.2 million. It has been believed that human trafficking generates about $ 32 billion annually. There has been various number of NGO who are working to create awareness among the masses and trying to curb it. I have come across one London based NGO who is working on the campaign “Stop the Traffik” globally and was moved by the about the above facts which I came to know when I met the officials. The worst situation that is faced by the victims is when some natural disaster happens, as is the case in Haiti. The children are left without home and sometimes without a family which makes it easy for traffickers to take advantage of their insecurity.

But now, most of us might be thinking what we all can do, and it is very difficult to find time for all these activities. Take an example, how many of us knew about the number of tigers that were left in India…? I think very few of us. But after the Aircel “Save Our Tigers” Campaign most of us know about it, not only that people have even started taking interest about it by writing, discussing with others. It can be seen by the increasing number of members that are there in the official face book page... What this campaign will do is, pressurize government authorities to take necessary action against the corrupt forest officials, because now someone is watching them and keeping the track of it. In the same way if we just be aware of our surroundings, and if we find any suspicious person with a child, we can immediately report to the local police or NGO. It would hardly take a minute for us, but it can change the life of that child.

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