Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is our Honorable PM Mr. Narendra Modi an All Rounder?

Everyone had huge expectations from Our honorable PM Mr. Modi, to an extent its all panning out quiet well, here is why he has proved to be an all rounder?

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yohan- As per reports it has been a roaring Success. With just a bit more than 2 Months of its launch 7 Cr Accounts have been opened with Rs.5000 Cr Deposits. But does it really going to make any difference in the life of common man and our economy..? Well its been one of the best scheme being implemented in the Financial space. Not only we have given formal banking access to unbanked population who will get access to fund at much lower rate.. But help them to save money and grow it at the same time. Lets take an example: even if they were saving Rs. 50,000/- p.a. they did not know much to do with this money and would generally keep it in their homes. But now with their bank account they will get at least 4% interest which is good amount of Rs. 2,000/- p.a. And now just adds up the interest for 7 Cr. account holders annual saving.. there money is not just growing but its quiet safe as well.

Infrastructure- There is a lot which needs to be done in infrastructure space for better connectivity between cities and for fast moving of good from business point of view. Earlier governments did started some crucial projects but there implementation was much behind schedule with very less focus on the adjoining border area infrastructure. Mr. Modi knew its importance and started working on it from day one with special focus on Roads near by border areas. Best example is of 2,000 km road from east tawang to Vijay Nagar in Arunachal Pradesh which is of significant importance for safety, military capabilities and to reduce native population from migrating to big cities.

Swatch Bharat Campaign- Many will criticize current government and may even term politicians as photo opportunist. But i have never seen a national campaign create so much awareness. India has had cleanliness issue since long and every one knew about it. But very few steps were taken to do much about on such large scale. Clean India movement will not only curb spreading of epidemics but also improve tourism prospects and healthy living. Finally we have a leader who does not shy sway to accept this as a problem even in an international stage where he requested NRI's to come forward and take pledge to clear Hole river Ganga. This has opened up a new window of funding and may not even require any funding from government at all.

Connecting with the Masses through Mann ke Baat- Remember last time when you heard your leader speak on a radio? We often forget that more than 50% of India still lives in Rural India and just one third of rural households own a TV set. No matter how much good work you do or launch new social schemes for the common man. If you can't connect with them through constant communication chances are that they are going to feel that they are being left out. Response of his fortnightly address "Mann ke Baat" has been so good that villagers and people from all corners of India come together and listen to their PM who gives them hope of good days ahead for India.

Finally an All Rounder who knows how to play on different pitches and can bat against all types of bowling attack..

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The Unsure Ascetic said...

I'll wait for a few more months to comment on the success of these schemes. early days indeed.