Monday, April 6, 2009

IPL Rescheduling & Signals To Investors

After 26/11, Jack Welch pointed out that the attacks posed a question for India in terms of its ability to manage itself. China, although under authoritarian rule, had managed to pull off the Beijing Olympics, and assured safety for investors. India faced that question, post 26/11.
Now, with the cancellation of the IPL tournament in India and its move to South Africa, what message has gotten sent out?
Is the “offshoring” of the tournament a signal that the government is unsure of the overall security situation? Is this an indication of how over-stretched and creaky the governance infrastructure is?
What signal does this send to investors? After all, perception is everything, and for really large investments, it is typically “which BRIC ie, Brazil or Russia or India or China” which is often key.
Of course, it is also possible to read too much into one thing. Apparently England also got pushed out because their security would be over-stretched, so the questions raised above need to be qualified.
India’s elections ARE a mammoth exercise, and even more so, with terrorism threats.
What do you think?

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