Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is India really secular?

We brand our selves as a secular nation infront of others. Actually we are more secular than secular. feeling of being secular is being forced on to us by government, textbooks, schools and our families. we, in my belief is the only country which has faced lot of communal riots be it 1984 anti sikh riots, 1992 mumbai riots, 2003 godhra kand.. the list seems just endless. Majority of our population being illiterate, makes it easy for our political parties to play with it. Speading hatred among communities is the best example of vote politics which we have here in our democratic india. it was not long ago when a senior BJP leader was cuaught red handed in front of camera giving ill-hatred sppech against other community. recently a political leader in the souhtern india heard saying in favour of LTTE chief. Truth is infront of all of us to see about the LTTE. How much harm it has caused to our democracy, when a senior congress leader was gunned down by them. It is not the india which our political leaders have dreamt of while forming the constitution. It is time to come out of sleep and excercise our votes in the coming elections, not for in the name of religion, caste, politicla party. But, for the candidate who can bring us out of this turmoil and make us truly secular not just by terming it as, but in the true sense.

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Ravi Jain said...

well said dude.. guess, u have written abt evrything under d sun.. !! but on a serious note, we all shud wrk for bringing India to d reality which our forefathers chersihed for us in 1947...

dis tym, go for vote, teach a kid, play by rules nd above all stop bribing officials..

we all can change India.. Yes, We Can !! :)