Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why are Muslims the victims?

1. The creation of Pakistan as a homeland for the subcontinent’s Muslims in 1947 and then the aggressive/militant actions of Pakistan against India. In the last 25 years the random terrorist attacks on civilians in India. All this has kept the pot boiling against Indian Muslims and the reaction against Muslims continuing. In the decade preceding 1947 the Muslim League campaign of th “Two Nation” ideology did much to damage Hindu-Muslim relations for a long time to come among the Hindus.

2. Total silence from 53 Muslim countries (other than Pakistan) to say even one word against any of the worst oppression and harassment of masses of Muslims and their institutions in 60 years. Many of the energy rich Muslim countries have continued to supply oil/gas at preferential terms to India and have continued to give lucrative contracts to Indian companies. Thus Indian Hindus are quite sure that Indian Muslims have no international sympathizers

3. The resurgence of religion based politics initiated by BJP in the early 1980s; other groups picked up on it and a sort of competition began among them to become more aggressive against Muslims.

4. The Congress party’s Vote Bank politics directed at Muslims where the party made all sorts of cosmetic gestures just before every national election without giving any real help to improve the community’s security or socioeconomic situation. In the last decade other regional parties and even Communists have picked up this strategy and are benefitting from it.

5. The international Islamophobic environment following 9/11/2001 and the irrational terrorist acts of a handful of Muslims. This has given an opportunity to the anti-Muslim elements in the Indian Government to develop discriminatory policies against Muslims.

6. The continued poor socioeconomic and educational status of the Muslim communities that prevents integration at equal level of Muslims with others in the country at large.

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Atul said...

we await for the day, when every individual will be seen equally infront of the eyes of law. that would really be the victory of our democracy.