Friday, April 17, 2009

IPL Shifted to South Africa, Opportunity for India to grasp this!

There has already been lot of noise made about the IPL being shifted to South Africa. So Lets discuss about it in the next few lines, what it can bring for India.

In view the event has been shifted to another country makes it the only sporting event ever to be played outside its origin country in the history of any sports ever. It makes it a special event for every Indian not only because we are a cricket crazy nation and showcasing our cricket skills but to display ourselves to the whole world about our emergence as a big nation. It will help us to create soft power in the world over through hosting this event in South Africa. But also it should also be taken as a fact that hosting IPL will also benefit South African economically. As lot of people will be traveling during this tenure, it will help travel and hospitality industry in particular. Coming over to the soft power thing, imagine brands like Mc Donald’s, Coca-Cola. What do they remind us? It reminds us of the economy which critics say is responsible for the current economic downturn. Yes, you got it right its United States. Imagine if we can take this opportunity to make ourselves reach to the masses. For example, our film Industry ‘Bollywood’ which is already popular the world over; our superstars have fan following internationally. Not long ago we have seen Shahrukh Khan was surrounded by huge number of fans in South Africa. Amitabh Bachchan’s The Unforgettable Tour was a grand success. So let’s not worry about it being shifted from India. But lets cheer about it for the moment and hope we can make it a successful event in the history.

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