Monday, May 25, 2009

The congress rest turns to its old roots…

When the Bombay stock market index went through the roof the Monday after the election results were declared on Saturday, forcing a shut down after barely a minute or two of automatic trading, the consensus was that the punters were expressing their unadulterated joy at the victory of the congress. And now as per the understanding that the UPA will not need the support of Left which is believed to be anti reforms. In this economic situation the congress has done a very good job to go with the continuation of the ministry.

Reforms are not new to the congress; this is actually congress going back to its own roots, to its old leftist self. Socialism is the congress’s DNA and in the very being of the Nehru-Gandhi family. Under Nehru, who came under the influence of the British socialist movement of the early 20th century the Congress brought about land reforms and set up large public sector companies, under Mrs. Indira Gandhi the banks and the oil companies were nationalized and garibi hatao was launched, Rajiv Gandhi the father of Indian economic liberalization introduced panchayati raj and now Sonia Gandhi dedicated the party to the cause of the aam aadmi.

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