Monday, May 25, 2009

First week in a b-school!!

Well, finally after the two years of rigorous preparations, it actually became difficult to believe if I am really a part of b-school; or if it’s just another day gone by. But the atmosphere was electrifying with people from all across the country; different backgrounds come with a dream in their eyes. Some of them come straight from the college; others with some years of experience in their kitty like me. We were welcomed by the prestigious faculty members by their speech, promising us a great journey ahead only if we follow a little different approach from the college during the course; and thinking in a practical and professional manner. Atmosphere was a bit normal initially with everyone was in their own. Yes, here comes the attitude (MBA’s score high in it always). But slowly when the groups were formed for the Case Study lecture (when we were expected to solve a problem of a given case with the presentation) it actually made things easier for all of us or rather we did not have any other option but to open up. All in all it was putty exciting; both the approach and the experience. This sums up the journey of a week… till now…

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