Friday, May 29, 2009

First day in Bangkok...

It was my first day in Bangkok. and it seems that i have been here for few weeks really!. The journey from Bombay to Bangkok has been exciting from the moment i dropped in at the Bombay airport till the time i am writing it from my Hotel cafe after exploring Pattaya very closely with the various ways. I arrived here during the early hours today morning in Bangkok and then it took me about two hours by taxi to reach my hotel Fairtex in Pattaya. After having my lunch at a popular cafe at the beach, I headed towards outskirts of Pattaya to see Nong Nooch village where i get to see some wonderful show put on my Elephants playing Football, Basketball, bowling competing with each other and they even tried their hand in painting. Yeah.. i was amazed to see it, I thought only humans can paint; it followed by the live Thai boxing between two local champions. It lasted for about ten full minutes. The memories of the show were still fresh with me till then later in the evening when i again travelled back to Pattaya city to watch the famous Alcazar show. The main attraction of this show is that it is performed by the Ladies boy. It means that they were men before, however they converted their sex through surgery. Last year around MTV roadies also did showed some bit of them too in their episode. Believe me you could not figure out if they really were born male. You will agree with me once i share the pictures of it up here, but you have to wait a while for that. OK, that was not the only thing that was the talking point among the audiences but the energy and enthusiasm with which they were performing. They had different songs to choose for from almost all part of the world, even one Bollywood song too. That brought smile on the face of about 30% of people sitting in the auditorium of the Indian Origin including me. After the show was over the performers were open for the photo session with the public with ease. And I came back happily to my room after I spent some time roaming in the open street in Pattaya which is popular for night cafes for which the place is known for..!!

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