Sunday, August 30, 2009

It just keeps getting better!

“What matters is your attitude!” We’ve all heard this cliché, but it’s so true! And at no other place will this be tested more than at IBS!
We are already close to the 1st sem. – IBS program is steamrolling away! Some crucial subjects are introduced in this term, most notably Financial Management. For a non-finance guy like me, this is an introduction to a new and important world! And we were fortunate to have an awesome teacher, Amit Godse who is a practicing CA, for the first half of the course. He gives lot of real life examples to make us understand the topic, which are very helpful
The IBS experience can easily get overwhelming, but that would be completely counter-productive! The attitude to have is that of some detachment, some learning, some focus and some fun. Great place to test out these sorts of theories! It just keeps getting better – I feel 1st sem. is better than mid sem. That’s probably because you figure out how the place works, you figure out how to ‘navigate’ it (and you figure out where you stand!) There’s so much to read, learn and do but you can only do so much reading, learning and doing! Hey, it’s just a two-year program so, what do you expect!?
The weather’s fantastic, these days. Everyone seems to be enjoying the beautiful campus. The Reflectionz club (movie club of IBSM) is having a ball with short movie competitions. It amazes me how insulated we are here from the outside world. Every time you get out of the campus, it hits you – the almost mutually exclusive worlds outside and inside IBS!
I sometimes feel bad that I am unable to utilize several of the campus facilities – I love libraries, and we have a great library, but I hardly get time to read anything other than what I must read. During the break, I picked up ‘Fooled by Randomness’ and read most of it. It was very interesting, I wondered how I would have felt about the book had I read it pre-IBS (the book touches upon several topics which MBAs are exposed to).
Where was I? Oh yes, it just keeps getting better, guys. I can imagine now how things will get crazier (read ‘better’) come electives season, come placements season! And after placements, the final term is going to be one long party. And just when you begin to feel guilty for having too much of a good thing, it’ll be time to get back into the real world!

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