Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Give Me Neither Poverty Nor Wealth"

A little excerpt from the blog of Daniel Suelo’s who lives in caves in United States since 2000. He has not touched money since then; except for a month in 2001. For this guy recession does not really exist. If you are wondering where does he access the internet from, well he do it from the free Internet provided by one of the library.

My life feels so rich, now. Like the richest man on earth. I don't always feel this way (I sometimes find myself getting pissed off or discouraged, of course) but I usually do - yes, more often than not! I can't figure out if my life is so easy or it's so hard. I don't even know the difference between easy & hard anymore. I don't even know what an ascetic is supposed to be. If I went contrary to my instinct, against my soul, for the sake of earning money, then I would definitely be a self-torturing ascetic. And if I had too much food & luxuries (addictions that abuse the body & mind) I would definitely be a self-torturing ascetic. But, also, if I did not take enough and starved myself and wore hair shirts for the sake of a hungry god of my own making, I would be a self-torturing ascetic. Take only what you need, no more, no less, and all your desires become fulfilled - desire ceases to control you. Needs and desires become one. If everybody took only what they needed, no less, no more, then the human world would come into balance as it is in the non-human world. This is no statement of genius. It's such common sense, so very simple, it's almost absurd I have to say it. But our world has lost the most basic common sense.

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KRiTiKa said...

this is soooo true... life is actually this simple, we ourselves end up complicating it & then run towards the wrong places to get peace of mind...