Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Invitation to all my Batch Mates for a get together after two years....

Below is the excerpt of the email that I had sent to all my batch mates for a get together. I thought I will share with you guys too. It gives a brief summary about amount of fun that we had during those years.

Hi all DAV’ians,

DAV Chandigarh, June 2004. Class BBA. This is our identity as of now and that’s how we all know each other , This is the place where we had come from different places, some of us had come for the first time away from our home, in search of a graduation degree and yeah we have made some wonderful friends too. It’s just un-forgettable the way all the things happened, it seems it was just yesterday. From the memories of mess food to the grilled Sandwiches of Nescafe where we guys would barge in illegally. And then when we guys were coming from FR late at the night, we would look for the BABA outside GH, to have some mast Parathas. And then the next morning some of us would look for the BABA (it’s the other one now) outside our college gate who would be the only one having cigarettes. Then we guys would argue with our friends to mark the proxy for Kavita Mam’s lecture .The one lecture which we hated the most. After some time of learning the different geri routes and hang out places, some night outs in the Kasauli, Morni Hills and a peck or two by some of us at Kaimbvala en-route. Then comes the election days, SOPU, PUSU, NSUI, ABVP they all were there. We guys being in the first year were so enthusiastic to exercise our votes, and to make our candidate win so that we can get full Internals and for some tashan in front of our friends. First year passed just like that. Then came second year, at this moment we all of us had some friend circle and used to roam around with them. And the time passed and we realized that we are just one month away from the exams. Then we would look out for the important questions from the toppers of our class, in our case it would be Deepak. Some of us would get the Books from 15 Sector. Oh sector-15. Tat’s been the most exciting of them all. Especially the street of DAV 15, after all those moments and birthdays at Sukhna Lake that we celebrated with our friends, we just became inseparable. But we all of us had to move on for our future endeavors. It’s been such a memorable tenure which is hard for us to forget in our entire life. Now some of us have started working after their respective PG courses and some unlucky one’s have even got marriage proposals.